Sunday, June 5, 2005

Forget My Ignorance! (answer to Bad Documentation...)

I am supposed to write this blog a while ago, but with all workload and family life, no time to update this blog. Anyway, a few days after I wrote the blog "Bad Documentation of Compaq Products", I went to CompUSA. A salesperson approached me and asked what he could help.
I told him that I was looking for FireWire cable for my new Compaq laptop. He then brought me to a rack full of different kind of cables. I told him that I had bought one (4-pin to 4-pin), but somehow could not fit to the laptop.

He asked me what kind of laptop I have. I explained to him that it is Compaq Presario R3000. He then brought me to computer section and we found the kind. He then tried the cable. In the beginning, it could not go all the way to the socket. He then carefully reinserted, and amazingly it fitted!.

I was stunned! How could this cable fits to the connector, while mine does not. Rushing back home (after saying to the salesperson that I will buy the cable if mine still does not fit), I carefully inserted it. First, it's kinda hard. I tried again, but now really align it and with little force. Voila!, it worked!

So, with this blog I would like to revise my previous blog. But, still Compaq does not provide a complete detail about some parts of the laptop.

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