Saturday, June 6, 2009

TrendNet Wifi on Beagleboard running Angstrom Linux

By default after every boot-up, Angstrom runs wpa_supplicant daemon which tries to use WPA instead of WEP regardless of configuration in /etc/network/interfaces, hence prevent us to use WEP as wifi encryption. We need to kill this daemon by executing:

root@beagleboard:~# start-stop-daemon -K -n wpa_supplicant
root@beagleboard:~# ps -ef | /bin/grep wpa*

Then reconfigure the wlan:

iwconfig wlan0
iwconfig wlan0 key

Try to see if the USB Wifi adapter gets our AP's MAC address:

root@beagleboard:~# ps -ef | /bin/grep wpa*


ifdown wlan0
ifup wlan0

It should get the IP (assuming our AP router is running DHCP service as well):

root@beagleboard:~# route
Kernel IP routing table
Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface * U 0 0 0 wlan0 * U 0 0 0 usb0
default UG 0 0 0 wlan0
default UG 0 0 0 usb0

(Note: the system used above was running Linux kernel 2.6.29:

root@beagleboard:~# uname -a
Linux beagleboard 2.6.29-omap1 #1 Wed Jun 3 18:10:47 PDT 2009 armv7l unknown


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  1. Thanks very much for the wpa_supplicant tip. I spent the last several hours poring through the Beagleboard and Angstrom docs, but your post was the first explanation I saw of this issue.