Sunday, March 27, 2016


Single Board Computer for Internet of Things now are getting more popular since Raspberry Pi.  Now we can see even 64-bit SBC with less than $40 price tag!

Following is the list of SBCs I can think of:

Raspberry-PiRPI1 Model A+BCM2835$25
Raspberry-PiRPI1 B+$35
Raspberry-PiRPI2 Model BBCM2836$35
Raspberry-PiRPI 3 Model B$35
CHIPAllWinner R8 (ARM)$9
Pine64Cortex-A53 AllWinner A64$15 - $29
FriendlyARMNanoPi 2 (I/O ports compatible with RPi)Quadcore A9$24.99
Texas InstrumentsARM TIVA LaunchPADARM Cortex M4F$12.99Datasheet
STM MicroelectronicsNUCLEO-F103RBARM Cortex M3$10.33Product InfoDev. Board is compatible with Arduino

I personally like the FriendlyARM as it is more open system than Raspberry Pi. Broadcom is known for being paranoid to reveal the details of their products as we can see from their datasheets. FriendlyARM is more community-friendly and provides a lot of stuff already. With the damn-cheap price and the board is ready out of the box (unlike Rpi which still needs flash card), this kit is very exciting, even more interesting than Arduino.