Friday, June 17, 2005


I have been questioning myself about which GUI is best fit to my GNU/Linux. From user perspective, KDE is more comprehensive and complete. It supports many things and structured, because it uses QT from The graphics itself is really good. On the other hand, GNOME is very open and easier to compile and also it comes from GNU with GNU Public License (GPL) and also seems more stable.

I have tried to compile my KDE from scratch and enabled many optimizations on my Pentium4 laptop (-O3, -mSSE2, -MFPMATH=SSE, -march=pentium4 -mthreads etc.). First I compiled my QT. This QT depends on CUPS, mySQL and some other modules to compile. After compilation, my KDE applications were not stable anymore. The printing did not work, my KMail sometimes crashed and so on.

While with GNOME, I compile some applications such as GAIM which required me to compile some GNOME modules and still it worked fine.

The total size of the modules are also less on GNOME than KDE. While in KDE, there is a lot of applications and modules, GNOME seems is more thin and fits to lower-end PCs.

Anyway, Linux community must decide which GUI they want to use for desktop Linux. Otherwise, they will be crushed by Apple's Mac OS which has decided to pulling their steer towards Intel processors. Yes!, they have decided for their next Mac computers to use Intel x64 dual or quad processors.

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