Thursday, April 17, 2008

Virtualization Era!

Rebooting a machine to switch to another OS on multi-operating-system machine sounds out dated now. With recent VT-enabled technology from both Intel and AMD on certain x86 CPUs, virtualization goes smoother and better.

I just tested Microsoft Virtual PC which enable me to install multiple windows or even Linux under my Windows XP host OS. There are other Virtualization software available, either freeware or not. Here I am trying to list some of them:

Non-free ones:
Microsoft Virtual PC:
Novel SUSE Linux Exterprise VM Driverpack:

Freeware versions:
VirtualBox: (this software has dual licenses: free and proprietary)

While, to just run windows application on Linux, we can use wine or its sibling, the commercialized one: CrossOver for Linux:

To learn more about virtualization and/or virtual machine (don't get confused with Java VM as it's not a system VM):

The more complete list of VM packages:

I will report further once I try some of them. In most cases, the host OS will be OpenSUSE 64-bit ver 10.3 with guest OSs will be: Vista Home Premium SP1, Vista Ultimate 64-bit, Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger and some variants of Linux [Redhat, UBuntu, Debian]. The host system will be my desktop CPU: Intel Quad-core 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM, with almost 768 GB total space.

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