Monday, August 28, 2017

Essential Open Source Projects for Software Development

I've crossed some these jargon recently when looking at job openings.  Interesting.  Apparently, everything we bought in the past to help full cycle software development now are available in open source (I mean, there are opensource alternatives for almost all the proprietary tools).

Here I list some of them:

  • To do code review (ala Code Collaborator): Gerrit
  • Version control: git, svn, cvs
  • Generic Scheduler for automation: Jenkins
  • Software test automation: Selenium WebDriver
  • Compiler set: GCC
  • Rich C++ Libraries: Boost
  • Dataplane SDK/library (Collection of libs & driver for fast data processing): DPDK
  • Data Packet Sniffer & Analyzer: Wireshark
  • Network Traffic Generator: Ostinato
  • Embedded Operating System: OpenWRT, etc.
  • Embedded Real-Time Operating System: FreeRTOS
  • Full package of tools and libs to build whole Linux and its packages (apps): Yocto
  • Opensource Electronic based on AVR chips: Arduino
  • IoT Development board (running OpenWRT): Onion
  • IoT Connectivity protocol framework: MQTT (pronounced as 'Mosquitto')
  • IoT devices: ESP32, Arduino

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