Monday, October 21, 2013

Which PC/gadget has the highest pixel resolution?

Here I have collected and calculated PPI (Pixels per Inch) for some laptops and tablets.

Screen Diameter (inch)Screen Ratio (Width/Height)Angle (rad)Screen widthScreen HeightNumber Of Pixels (Horizontal)Number Of Pixels (Vertical)PPI
15.61.780.5113.607.65128072094.14HP Pavilion 2000T
17.31.780.5115.088.481600900106.11HP Pavilion 17z Laptop
141.780.5112.206.861366768111.92HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook
18.41.780.5116.049.0219201080119.72Alienware 18
17.31.780.5115.088.4819201080127.34HP ENVY 17t 1080p
15.61.780.5113.607.6519201080141.21HP ENVY 15t Quad 1080p
15.61.780.5113.607.6519201080141.21Dell XPS 15
8.91.600.567.554.721280800169.60Amazon Kindle HD
15.41.600.5613.068.1628801800220.53Apple Macbook 15.4 with Retina Display
13.31.780.5111.596.5225601440220.84Toshiba KIRAbook™ 13 Ultrabook
13.31.600.5611.287.0525601600226.98Apple Macbook 15.4 with Retina Display
141.780.5112.206.8632001800262.25HP TouchSmart 14 Ultrabook
8.91.330.647.125.3420481536287.64iPad 8.9" with Retina Display
71.600.565.943.7119201200323.45Amazon Kindle HDX 7"
8.91.780.517.764.3625601440330.02Amazon Kindle HDX 8.9"

So far, nothing can beat Amazon Kindle HDX, not HP not even Apple iPad with Retina display.  Because the price of a laptop is significantly higher with higher PPI, the affordable price of Kindle plus its highest PPI makes it the best gadget for eyes and pocket!

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