Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New workbench for SMT works

My workbench (modification is still ongoing...waiting for the SMT solder tool to come.  My new multi-meter is not yet shown there).

Oscilloscope: 100 MHz Tektronix 2232 (spec) (bought it from eBay)
Digital Analyzer (bottom left): Tektronix 1241 (bought it from eBay)
Multi-meter: UT61C (with RS232C connection), and two others (older ones, not seen)
SMT Soldering station: X-Tronic 9020 XTS (not-seen).  Bought it from Amazon
Solder: Weller-SPG40 (on the bench) and SPG-100 (not seen as it is behind the lamp)
Power-supply: CircuitSpecialists CS11802X 0-18 V, 0-2A variable power supply
Vise: PANAVise
Small breadboard: TI msp430 LauchPad connected with my seven-segment circuit on breadboard
Board in the middle: PIC887A development board, measuring temperature and displaying it on the 16x2 LCD as well as sending the temperature to RS232.
Big breadboard: the old prototype of the same function as the PIC protoboard above.

Digital Storage Oscilloscope with 100 MHz bandwidth
Higher frequency measurement for multi-tester (the UT61C freq. range is only 0-10 MHz, while UT61E has 0-220 MHz range)
Microscope 25-95x (this one looks cool for my bench, except I may not have space left)

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