Sunday, September 6, 2009

How much power does a Macbook draw?

To find out how much power an Apple's Macbook laptop withdraws power, I use EZ Kill-A-Watt power meter (got it from Costco for about $28). Select "Watt" mode and connect Macbook power cord to this device.

  • When the laptop is in standby mode (lid is closed) and battery is full (or at least 94% full), it withdraws 4 Watt
  • With power cord detached from laptop, the power supply withdraws 0 watt
  • During booting, the laptop withdraws max power, which is 45 watts
  • During normal mode (casual use), in average it withdraws 27-28 watts

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  1. bagus infony, jadi tertarik untuk hemat listrik drumah :)