Monday, April 27, 2009

Sci-Tech Friendly President

Today, Obama announced the launch of a new agency, ARPA-E which stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy. The agency is modeled after DARPA (Defense - ARPA). The science-and-technology friendly US president is also planning to increase the allocated budget for science and technology to 3% of GDP, which is translated to about $240 billion.

Obama also said that he wants to make solar cells as cheap as paints, self-power buildings (smart building?) and some other interesting sci-tech researches. We will see breakthroughs in coming years produced by US national labs again, after deteriorated by wrong policies of Bush who is not-science-but-war friendly ex president.

Shall we start buying technology stocks once again? I am thinking that energy-related technologies will be booming, smart building system which can conserver more energy, which includes home automation that can control energy consumption to be more efficient, faster routers (we live in a connected world, don't we?), robotics will be more advanced, etc. Many new hi-tech jobs will be available.

I think 99% scientists and engineers should love this president.

Bravo to Obama!

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