Monday, February 4, 2008

Microsoft heard Me!

Finally, folks from Microsoft seem had read my blog :-)
On my blog last time (see "Why Windows sucks"), I listed some weaknesses on Windows XP. Microsoft has added most of those missing features in Vista, although still not as what I expected. First, Vista now has stronger scripting capability on its console/shell. Another thing is, it now is capable of creating symbolic links of actual files.

But, they've also added a supposedly-cool feature, super-fetch, but it turns out swamped most of resouce on my new quad-core PC (which has already 4 GB of RAM). Most of the time my hard disk is busy doing something. I admit, I've installed many applications, but unlike Linux or OSX, the more you install on any Windows, the slowliness you'd get (thanks to its stupid registry, an now super-fetch).

Look, I am not a typical user who just use Office or games for my PC. I am a super-user and love to hack things (well, this is just my self-proclaim :). But from my experience, Windows Vista in general is the most resource-eater among OSs I have tried so far (I've used various O/S, including DEC VMS on VAX machines, IBM OS/2, various DOSes since version 2.x, VxWorks, OSE, all the Windows variants since 3.x, some Linux variants [SUSE, RedHat, Debian], Solaris, Novell Netware, Mac OS9 & OS-X, Unix variants [FreeBSD, SCO, Xenix, Minix, etc.], FreeOS, even the open-source-IOS-like Vyatta).

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