Friday, February 2, 2007

Cheap Long Distance Calls

My friend pointed me to Google map that has a cool feature: phone call forwarder. The way it work is that after you find a company or any contact/address information with phone number on the left side of the map, we click "call" link on the right of the phone number. A textbox will appear asking us to enter our phone number. Once we enter our own phone number and press "call", our phone will ring. Interestingly, when I tried it, I got call from the destination which I was calling to. When I picked up, I heard voice "connecting.." and then a dialing tone was heard. I guess, if there was somebody had picked up my call, I would made a call.

In this case, Google VOIP gateway intermediates connection from my phone to the destination. Google makes two connections, one is to my phone and second, to the destination (both originating from Google).

This way, we can make free long distance calls!

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