Sunday, November 12, 2006

My New Linux Server

After awhile using my really-old PC (AMD K6-III) for running my personal web server, I finally replaced it with much better PC. I got this PC from trash bin/dumpster at my office (yep, it may sound crazy to some of you for a company to trash a still-good PC).

The PC is a Dell-branded "Dell Workstation 540T", a dual processor Pentium3 (Coppermine) workstation with 1 GB of RAM and a 32 GB SCSI HD. I scrapped and dismantled other PCs just to get other 2 SCSI HDs (about 15 GB each). I also moved ATPI HD (15 GB) and CD-RW (50x) from my old AMD-PC. So the total storage is 3 SCSI HDs (with total space about 80 GB space), 1 old DVD-ROM (it came with the Dell PC) and 1 CD-RW.

In the beginning of SUSE Linux installation (version 10.1), it ran in single-processor mode only. That was because the original SUSE from CD did not support SMP. After initial installation, I downloaded and compiled the latest stable Linux kernel ( and enabled SMP as well as many other optimizations. I rebooted it, recognized my second processor (the "top" tool showed "cpu0" and "cpu1", also the "pinguin" logo showed double telling me it was running dual processor).

The latest SUSE is really cool. A lot of improvements and fixes have been made and the GUI much stable. I also downloaded the NVIDIA driver and installed it (yes, the VGA card is NVIDIA Quadro5). Everything was running smoothly, except my apache server was somehow not able to read the folder (it showed "access denied"). After spending a few days to trace the root cause, I found out that the directory access was not granted to the folder. I then modified httpd.conf to allow apache to access the /srv/www/ folder.

I also recompiled many libraries (especially anything related to multimedia) with full optimizations. I rebuild XINE with DVDCSS enabled. Also installed MPG321, LAME, TWOLAME, etc.

After everything was done, I then configured GNUMP3D and ran it. It ran perfectly at port 8888, so now I can see all my MP3 file on the server. GNUMP3D is really cool, it displayed the files in a nice format (configurable) and when I click a file, my web browser spawn and play it automatically.

OK, enough for now. Will post it later.

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