Friday, October 27, 2006

It is Ready to rock

The interface connectors on my embedded kit is now ready. I've wired them (darned, I had to hand-solder more than 30 tiny wires on a tiny board without zooming lense or microscope). I had tested the connectors, they were working OK.

First I tested the ADC connection with 10k potensiometer module. All ADCs (eight of them) could measure the analog inputs. The next one, I tested the output port, all the 8 LEDs worked. I've had a chance to test the last port (supposedly for GPIO), because it requires disabling interrupts on some of the lines and I still need to read the documentation.

I still have problem making the Real Time Clock (RTC) on board to work. I did not check the out signal coming of RTC data out, but I already verified the power connection were wired OK. There are 3 possibilites: my test program does not work, the I2C line is broken or the RTC chip is bad.

Will post again once everything works OK.

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