Wednesday, December 28, 2005

X86_64 Assembly Nightmare

A few days ago I was trying to compile mpg123 application. It is a command-line MP3 player. I begin with command:

make help

It gave some options. First I tried "make linux", still failed to compile with a bunch of errors. I then tried "make linux-3dnow", or "make linux-3dnow-alsa". All of them failed to compile at some assembly files (*.s). I look at one of the assembly-code files, and saw that the codes were designed for 32bit platform, while my laptop was running x86_64 Suse v10.0 (64-bit Linux). I did change "pushl %ebp" etc. to "push %rbp" etc., the compiled went OK, but when I tried to run the program, it crashed with segmentation fault message.

Hmm...I then went to AMD website and download all the documentation. These PDF documents are huge (each PDF file has more than 300 pages). I started reading one of them. Will post any progress later.

Stay tuned!

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