Thursday, March 3, 2005

Rebuilding KDE made Easy!

After a few months not checking KDE website (, two days ago I revisited the site and found an interesting tool for KDE 3.3.2: Konstruct. The tool is easy to use and is designed to build (checking components and to download the missing ones, configure them, compile and link the whole libraries and component).

The only command I needed to execute is:

cd konstruct/meta/kde; make install

So easy to build now. If I recall, it was giving me hard time to recompile my KDE (it was 3.3) on my IBM Laptop T30. I had to download all *.bz2 files (plus qt-x11 libraries), extract them, reconfigure and compile one by one.

I am still having problem though when compile them on my 'free' Toshiba Laptop Tecra8100. Somehow, one component (Kppp) complains about 'regfree' and some other procedures altough I have double checked the Kpp*.cpp has "#include ". Anybody knows how to resolve it?

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