Friday, January 7, 2005

Virtual Realism

With current advances in graphics, either sophisticated algorithms, superfast Graphic Processor Unit (GPU) and other advanced technologies that support them, I predict soon we will have what is called "Virtual Realism". The concept is that "movie" makers create graphical scenes as game developers/animators do. The scenes themself are constructed only of triangles/vertices, color codes, ray information and others. This data are then streamed to the Internet. People who want to watch the movie will just click a link, and then the server will start stream the information.

The data received is then decoded by computer on the watcher's TV. The computer then will reconstruct the information back to a real animation. As the graphic techonologies will be so advanced, the scenes will really look realistic. The benefits of this mechanism is that people will possibly be able to change the scenario/stories, actors/actresses, voices so on. A lot of possibilities and sure it will be more interactive and fun for us.

What about the streaming bandwidth? As the data transmission only involves 'codes', not real images of scenes, a lot less information will be transmitted hence the bandwidth can be used for other data transmission (such as audio, subtitles, other information etc.) Quality? Of course the quality will be high, even may be higher than current HD quality because the system will just regenerate the scenes (noiseless) compared to displaying the images from the original source.

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