Saturday, October 2, 2004

Internet Radio

Have you tried Shoutcast? It is very interesting plug-in for Winamp. Using the plug-in, you can broadcast the MP3 files being player by Winamp to the Internet. Unfortunately, the method it uses is unicast, meaning that every user that is connected to your server will double the bandwidth usage unlike multicast-based servers. If you know any free MP3 multicast server for Linux, please let me know.

I like it when I tried with my Linux, it is very efficient although for Linux there is command line only (well, according to, you can use XMMS player but I tried it with no success). For every user connected to the server, it opens a thread/worker to give service. The listener itself listens at port 8001, while port 8000 is used to give a website that you can see what song is playing, song history, and statistics (for the admin only - you can set the password for this).

If you are interested, you can try it or pay a visit to my experimental site:

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